Climbing Mt. Fuji – The Descent (film)

I have to say, I don’t think any of us expected the descent to be like it was.


This is the beginning and it was just like this the whole way down! Sliding (as if we were ice skating almost) through this volcanic sand/gravel that got in our shoes and destroyed our knees for 5 hours!


At this point i think we were all very proud of our accomplishment but just wanted to get off the damn mountain! Really can’t complain about the views though – since we didn’t get to see any of our surroundings during the climb at night the scenery was pretty stunning. The hills below look like paper cut-outs and the clouds make it all look so ethereal, don’t you think?


Emptying out that gravel.

Emptying out that gravel.

James beaming - he did just climb a mountain after all!

James beaming - he did just climb a mountain after all! Look at the colors of this picture!!


This picture was accidental. I have about 5 pictures that I took without meaning too – it was difficult to control my freezing, swollen fingers after 8 hours of hiking – give me a break! Anyway I actually think this one came out pretty cool.

Beautiful, ne?

Beautiful, ne?

I love this picture! He said something funny and she banged her head against his shoulder.

I love this picture! He said something funny and she banged her head against his shoulder.


Look at those tiny little people (this picture is best enlarged!). During the last couple hours we got to walk through the clouds – the air was so cool and crisp… just like Washington (and nothing like Tokyo!). Ahh..there are indeed some things I’m excited about returning home for.


Entering the clouds! I think Ben is the only one who managed not to slip at all during that descent. The rest of us sure made up for that though.


And finally, around 9:30 am, we reached level 5 of the mountain again! Unfortunately we had taken the wrong path down the mountain so we had to pay an extra 1400yen to take a bus back to the location we were supposed to catch the bus at. I guess all in all I spent around $100 on this little adventure. And then, to top it off.. they were charging for use of the bathrooms!


To quote Ben, “These people are demons.” Hahaha no seriously though, I get that they need to make money for maintainence purposes but this just seemed a little cruel. : P

Anyway that’s all as far as mountain climbing goes! Let me know if you ever climb it – I’d love to hear about it! I know I sound super whiney but it was a great experience! Thanks for reading along. : )

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19 responses to “Climbing Mt. Fuji – The Descent (film)

  1. Wow this is so interesting! I had no idea it was so hard. I mentioned climbing it when I am next in Japan to my dad (he comes from near Tokyo) and he reacted in horror. Now I see that it would be really tough! I guess because Japan can be so organised that I had expected more of a proper path going up. It’s so great that you did it.

    • haha yeah my Japanese friend reacted similarly – she looked at me like I was insane! You should try it though :)

  2. awesome place, great adventure , i love these type of adventures , thanks for sharing this with us .

  3. Whoa Allison! Some lovely shots here…I am glad I stopped by again:)
    The first- so unique! Love the composition!
    The third- so serene. The hazy light refracts beautifully.
    The seventh- fun perspective. Neat textures!
    Although I haven’t, I have now trekked up this beautiful place with you.

  4. So you climbed the mountain. Good job! This was a great series. No climbing mountains for me, though!

  5. Wow Allison! I have to say I’m really amazed that you were able to take pictures DURING the climb as well! i did the climb last year with other ryuugakuseis when we first got here, and we almost died. died!! haha, well i’m sure it was the same experience you guys had. but for us.. the weather was pretty bad, so we actually didnt have a view at the top! and it was cloudy and started to snow on us so we didn’t see the sunrise!!! i hope you did..b/c thats the real reason why we would do an all-nighter climb, hehe. but YES on your pictures!!! (yes they are great) :D

    • You didn’t have a view!? That’s awful! That’s what redeemed the whole thing. Oh man, you are MADE of gaman!

      • trust me, it took her tremendous of effort to take a picture up there…haha

  6. Allison, we really had a blast. It’s a shame our fingers were swollen – I know that you could have taken so many incredible pictures at the summit and during the descent. Being back in America so suddenly following that grand adventure is bizarre, but seeing the pictures this soon is heartening. You can bet I’ll be around!


    • Thanks James – I had a really good time with you guys! I hope your back is ok! And that you’re enjoying home!

  7. Breathtaking! If there is something I miss after coming back to Denmark it is definitely mountains… I love hiking so much!

  8. Wow, I really want to do it now!
    I’ll be adding that to my life list (:
    I’m happy you did it,
    it looks amazing!
    And I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

  9. Wow, that’s a LOT of people descending the mountain with you guys!!!
    I love that portrait of James!

  10. I love that you and your friends did this before leaving Japan. I had to laugh at the photos (and your comments) about the traffic jam of human beings- so typical for Japan, but whodathunkit on Mt. Fuji?! I can’t believe you all had to make the 5 hour descent in such a long line of people.

    I’m already getting sad that your Japan posts are almost over…..:(. Of course I am looking forward to your future posts too, but you’ve become one of my favorite Japan storytellers on the web and I wanted to say ありがとう!

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