A few goodbyes (film)

The other night we had a big goodbye party at an izakaya in Shibuya.  I didn’t take pictures there but I took a few of random people on the street afterwards (you know, alcohol—–> increased bravery). There’s also some from another goodbye dinner in Hiyoshi. We went to sushi and then hung out at McDonald’s (you know, my fav. : p).



I don’t remember clearly but I get the feeling I asked these guys for a picture  and L. ran in with her mouth full of vanilla soft serve. Whether its L. or Ben or Sunny, it seems like if there is a McDonald’s, someone will get vanilla soft serve. I’m more into the convenience store popsicles myself. : )


おしゃれ。Go to phrase: かっこいから写真を取ってもよろしいでしょうか/You’re cool so can I take your picture?


Hahaha I guess I took this on the train home – look a little worn out no? Don’t know why I didn’t smile but I’m guessing its because I was sad that OUR TIME IN JAPAN IS ALMOST UP. By the way, if you’re curious about why L. Ploy is still here after this post, I forgot to mention, she changed her flight! However her and Momo left yesterday.. : (


I even asked a host who was standing outside this host bar for a picture. Know anything about Japanese host clubs? I think its pretty fascinating – sounds like a terribly exhausting job though.

Momo looks good in Jacob's hat.

Momo looks good in Jacob's hat.


Old pals, right guys? They all went to the same high school in Hawaii, haha.

Old pals, right guys? They all went to the same high school in Hawaii, haha.


Pretty fancy McDonald’s yeah? Speaking of McDonald’s, have you read this? : P Hahaha don’t ya love me?

Our last "family" picture in Japan..

Our last "family" picture in Japan..

Miss you already L. Ploy, miss you already Michelle! Next Spring!

I’ve decided to make an attempt at packing today, even though its a little early, because I’m about 105% positive I will not be able to fit everything into my two suitcases. I figure I ought to give myself sometime to deal with all the excess…Here goes!

*click images for full view

8 responses to “A few goodbyes (film)

  1. Dakota = In love. Ha ha. I love these sets!

    I can’t wait to exposé you in the post! It’s up in a few days. I’ve showed a few people your work and told them about the plan, and we’re so excited to have you on board. Your style is mixable, unmatchable, and vintage, in the most modern sense of taste. Oh, you could even use that now as a description. Tehehe. Teaser.

    Hope you have a great time left in JP X

  2. Hi Allison, just wondering… what brand of films do u use to take pictures? and also what iso if u wouldn’t mind cos the colors are all popping out, it’s amazing :) thanks in advance hehe

  3. Also,
    my mom came and visited me for 2 weeks, so we bought a lot of stuff…And I am a shopoholic, so…
    We brought back FIVE suitcases!! And two carry ons,
    and I still had to leave stuff (mostly shoes/books!) in Japan!
    But I took 2 suitcases with me when I went, mostly with clothes and gifts…I always take way too many clothes whenever I go ANYWHERE! I’m definitely not a light traveler, haha! I need to work on that.

  4. i hope you all are just bleeding your wallets dry!
    spend it all and have no regrets!

  5. ah good post. have you seen the great happiness space? it’s a good ethnographic perspective on the host/ess clubs. the lifestyle does indeed look exhausting.

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