Sugamo, “Harajuku for Grannies” (film)

No seriously, that’s what this area is known as: read this. How cute is that?





Every now and then we would re-realize we were probably the youngest people there and laugh a little. It was pretty charming to see the tables and chairs set up in the middle of the street like that for no particular purpose other than to have a seat for a bit. The area was also FULL of Japanese sweet shops, which were terribly enticing, but we decided to have kakigori (shave ice – my new favorite dessert) at the same place we ate dinner.


Even all the staff were grandma’s here! We got hiyashi-chuuka, a super refreshing cold noodle dish, and enjoyed the conversation of these women. One woman told Nozomi this whole story about how her and her grandson got in a fight and he apologized and what does Nozomi think about that? And another time when Nozomi was very quiet she said, “You speak with your eyes, huh? Young people do that a lot, they don’t talk with their mouths.” Hehe


Then we went for a walk before heading to Ebisu to meet Kirk and his friends. Nobu was having a photo exhibition at a cafe there so we went to hang out for a while. He’s so talented! And his photos are from all over the world – literally. I’m terribly jealous. -_-


: )

Nobu, creatively unwrapping an onigiri


We grabbed some stuff in a conbini and hung out at this park because I was too cheap to go out. Haha lame.


This is at the station at Kasai-Rinkai Park, which I will post about tomorrow!

Well, I’m pretty much all packed, time to start cleaning!

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3 responses to “Sugamo, “Harajuku for Grannies” (film)

  1. Aww, what a cute little neighborhood! :D
    I love Japanese おばあちゃん and おじいちゃん, they are so adorable!!! I’m jealous of your friend too…hopefully I’ll have my own exhibit like that someday (crossing my fingers!)

    And you leave sooo soon! Have you really realized it yet? I didn’t realize it until that morning…and I pretty much cried the whole morning! So sad.

  2. oh my gosh….. a harajuku for old people??!!

    I MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    did I ever mention I love old people? okay so this comment box will be for the other posts as well, but the beach films are sooooo niicee!!!! sigh allison, why did you have to leaveee?? well, ill be leaving soon too.. but STILL! now you owe me an adventure in another country

    <3 i hope you got home safely!

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