I’m home! (film)

Man..that was a tough trip home. Ben and Nozomi and I cried together for like 40 minutes before I went through security..

Haha aren't we just so rediculous its adorable? : P


and then I cried all the way through customs. The customs officer looked very sympathetic but couldn’t hold back a little laugh.


But then I got to see my parents! Ahh, its really nice to feel at home and taken care of : )


This is my mom at VegeThai in Hawthorne.


And we have a small garden at my house now!


Portland has blocks of the city all over just for these food trucks. They’re delicous, CHEAP, and there’s tons of variety.


We got sandwiches here and walked down to the waterfront to eat them.


: ) Anyways, I’ll post more pictures from our day tomorrow. Its beautiful here and I want to get outside! Thanks for reading.

*click images for full view!


10 responses to “I’m home! (film)

  1. Oh my, I can Certainly relate. I cried So Much coming home from Australia. Definitely a no-makeup day.

  2. You guys look adorable in that picture!
    I cried so much the day I left Canada too! (I didn’t really realize I wasn’t going to be far from there… :D)

    Anyways WELCOME BACK!
    I love that “welcome home” sign! so cute!
    Looks like you’re having a good time being back already! : )


  3. haha man u ben and nozomi… TOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! ahh i miss u guys..

    im glad your enjoying home though!

  4. Awwww!
    I almost cried thinking about when I left Japan.
    Again, haha.
    I always cry when I think about it!!

    I’m glad you’re home and safe and taken care of!!

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