A different city

Paul sitting at this new monument - the bikes (which I believe belong to the zoobombers) used to just be locked up in a big pile down this street.

Paul sitting at this new monument - the bikes (which I believe belong to the zoobombers) used to just be locked up in a big pile down this street.

Alright so now that I’m home and adjusted and all I have a few updates:

1 – I will no longer be writing “(film)” in the post titles. All posts will be film unless I specify otherwise, for example “(digital)”

2 – I finally finished my photobook! I’m ordering a copy today to get a closer look before I start offering it for sale – hope it turns out well. I have an important question though – how much are you willing to pay for a photobook? It costs me about $20 (2000yen) to make a 100 page book using Blurb.

Ok on to the photos! Portland is beautiful in the summer!

Arlene Schnitzer concert hall

Arlene Schnitzer concert hall



I want to live on this street. Its in the Pearl District though so that’s not going to happen! Ha.


Paul studied The Portland Building for his architecture class so we wandered around forever looking for it. The statue is immense! I can’t believe I had never noticed it.

Walking towards The Pearl

Walking towards The Pearl

This is new. I probably drove Paul crazy by commenting on every single thing that wasn't here 5 months ago.

This is quite pretty

This is quite pretty - found on a wall near Everyday Music


Do it!

Do it!


We were super hungry so we went to this greek restaurant and they put us at a table outside and forgot about us! Haha we waited for like 15 minutes and when they still hadn’t brought water or taken our order we just left and got food from one of the trucks down the street.

By the waterfront

By the waterfront

Its been pretty hot here lately I guess but Its cooled down since I got back. Its around 90F but not humid at all (ahh so nice!). I think I’m going to go for a bike ride today. : ) By the way, I’m definitely not taking my film to get processed at Fred Meyers anymore – look how light the coloring is! I like the highly saturated look my film had when developed in Japan.

Anyway once again, please let me know your thoughts on the photo book!!

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9 responses to “A different city

  1. Oh, documentation of what may be my future home!

    I’ll take a large book, and swallow the cost plus whatever you need to take in a bit of profit!


  2. $35-40 is totally reasonable. How much would the cost (both to produce and purchase) go up for a larger size?

    such lovely photos, as always. I SO want to visit Portland!

  3. Portland looks amazing!

    Agreeing that $35-40 is really reasonable for a good photobook; I would definitely pay that.

  4. Welcome back to the states! Your last few posts were so bittersweet, I hope you’re adjusting well. Looking forward to more Portland photos. :)

    I think $35-40 is a very reasonable price for the photo book, especially considering how many pages are in it. I would buy it at that price.

  5. I think the price is completely unreasonable and way too expensive…nah jk ya I’d but it, and in large size!

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