The Last Few Days (POLAROID)

I used two packs of polaroid film during my last few days in Japan. Might as well throw them up here! I don’t have a scanner so the quality is not too great. I just took pictures of the polaroids with my digital camera and then uploaded those.

CIMG2415 CIMG2418

Nozomi and I went on a hunt for a post office I could ship this giant box of winter clothes at. The cheapest shipping method was by ship so I won’t get it for around 2 months!

CIMG2424 CIMG2422

CIMG2419 Ben brought over Alice in Wonderland and we watched it. It was fun to watch the Japanese Subtitles to see how they compared to the English. The Title is pretty funny too – 不思議の国のアリス, or Alice of the Mysterious Country (something like that). Ha.

CIMG2421 CIMG2423

We all went to our incredibly friendly local ramen shop one last time. Its run by a mother and son who are soooo nice. They took notes on our names in the beginning of the year and occasionally took pictures of us and printed them for us. : )

CIMG2416 On my last night we met up with Ryoko and ate at Ootoya (one of my favorite restaurants) for dinner and then talked at a cafe in Shibuya for a couple of hours. It was lovely, I miss you already Ryoko!

CIMG2425 CIMG2417

Ben, Jacob and Nozomi after our ridiculous night out in Nakameguro.

CIMG2420 CIMG2426

Jacob, Ben and Nozomi, trying to stay awake as late as possible on our last night. Haha they went into Alan (a friend of theirs from high school)’s room and left a note that said “THANKS FOR THE STUFF” and he came pounding on my door (thinking they were still there) at like 5am when he found the note to get his stuff back. They didn’t actually take anything. It was pretty funny.

CIMG2428 CIMG2396

“Don’t forget about me ok?” “Don’t forget about me either ok?”

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6 responses to “The Last Few Days (POLAROID)

    • I’m actually unsure of when I’m going back…I’m trying to get it worked around my schedule for school and work…my boss wasn’t too happy when I told him I wanted to take 3 weeks off in the busiest season!!

      But if I don’t go before March, I won’t get to see any of the kids from my grade…. ahh, so many things to consider!

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