Summer Quest

Popsicles are one of the best things about summer, don’t you think? I fell pretty hard for them in Japan, since the convenience stores have a zillion different kinds, and have been pretty disappointed in the selection at the grocery stores here. However…


Look at this lovely girl – she was peddling around the city selling popsicles! Is that clever or what?! And she had Mexican popsicles in addition to the usual kinds so there were all these enticing flavors like coconut, guava, pineapple, and so on. Paul and I got a lime one and shared it.


Hold still when I'm trying to take a picture!!

Hold still when I'm trying to take a picture!!

Anyway I’ve been running around looking for popsicle molds since I got back and I finally found some the other day so I made…



I bet you wish you could have tried these, right Ben T.? You LOVE healthy food, right? Muahaha.

*click images for full view

15 responses to “Summer Quest

  1. hmmm… I can’t say that green popsicle looks delicious but I wanna try it!!! Can you bring up your popsicle molds when you come up here? and can we make some?? : )

  2. There’s something about the little tinkle of an ice cream truck rolling by that makes me want to chase after it for a treat! Even if I don’t want ice cream, I instantly cheer up when I hear an ice cream truck. I guess most of us have fond memories of childhood when we hear it

    But I prefer ice cream sandwiches or Popsicles :)

  3. Hey!!!!!!

    I’m so happy to hear you’ve made it home! I love all your new photos! FINALLY linked you on my new blog, he he, click my name and it will show the URL of my ‘dot com’. And the boutique post page is nearly done. Just lettin ya know. ;) Do give me your el-verdicto on my new photos! I missed taking pictures!!! p.s Hope you don’t mind me linkin’ you on my site! xoxox

    • no garlic but there definitely was spinach!! Hmm lets see.. spinach, bananas, green grapes, flax oil, and almond milk. over the top healthy, ne? hahaha.

      • eeeeww…gross allison! What kinda stuff to put in a popsicle???? It’s supposed to be sweet…like strawberries or milk tea!

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