I guess this is a boring post. Just lazy stuff around my house. I developed another roll of film that I’m really happy with but the files are TIF, not JPG, whatever that means–so they won’t upload.. Help anyone? How do I convert them? I’m going to see if I can in photoshop but I’m not the most tech savvy person you’ll ever meet so…


This is my dog Riley. She’s pretty funny. She has a scar and this mysterious bump on her forehead that’s been there forever and we don’t know why. She doesn’t like having her picture taken so I tricked her into it.


Roses my parents gave me at the airport.

Vegetables growing in our tiny tiny "garden" on the porch :)

Vegetables growing in our tiny tiny "garden" on the porch :)

It was delicious.

It was delicious.


These roses are right next to the porch and along the walkway to the front door. I really love pulling off the petals and tossing them in the air (and did so right after taking this picture). I’ve been doing it for years and I’m pretty sure it aggravates my parents to see rose petals all over the walkway rather than on the flowers but… I’m sure they also secretly enjoying having flower petals tossed over their heads. Don’t you?

Anyway, I figured out how to convert the files but my internet is being obnoxious and not letting me upload any more right now. I guess I’ll try again later today.

btw I’m STILL waiting for my photo book to arrive. As soon as it arrives and I make sure it looks ok it will be available for purchase – yay!


10 responses to “Unwinding

  1. hi Allison, just came back from Hakuba! Me & Ryoko had a good hike there!

    btw. you can open TIF files in photoshop and save the files as JPG format. hope it helps.

  2. im pretty sure that your dog would have a fist right in his/her face if rather than having fun with a ball if ben were there………
    ben–>(o ̄∇ ̄)=◯)`ν゜)・;'<–your dog

  3. My dog had a bump on the top of her head that would grow and then go away. and then return and grow and then go away… for YEARS. She always looked like she was trying to turn into a unicorn and I loved it.

    We think it was a benign tumor under her skin, your dog probably has the same. Or maybe he’s trying to become a unicorn too.

  4. aww Riley is so cute<3 you're so romantic with your flower petal tossing!

    I love the photo of the zucchini…or is it a cucumber? it's beautiful, at any rate.

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