NE Portland

I mentioned that my little brother Ben was in Germany for the last four months (on exchange) right?


Well he’s back and he’s having a little trouble adjusting to the laws here.. hahaha


We had a big BBQ yesterday since both of us are home now, and the last couple days had been running around collecting the necessary ingredients to make a few German and Japanese dishes (my mom’s idea). We went to Uwajimaya and also actually just happened upon this old German deli while driving through NE Portland.



^I like this picture very much but butcher shops don’t really do it for me so I took a walk around the neighborhood while Ben described the intricacies of German meat loafs to my mom.

That's Jesus back there.

That's Jesus back there.




I like this area. Its old and seems a little empty but there are random bursts of color all over the place. Purple houses with yellow trim and walls with giant murals and the like.





*click images for full view


11 responses to “NE Portland

  1. How old is he?

    My friend just got discharged from the Navy & back from Japan…he’s having a bit of trouble adjusting to the laws as well. He just turned 20 in December…so he was having a very nice time in Japan! :P

    These photos are gorgeous, as usual. That area looks fantastic, and like the kind of place I’d love to explore! I’m glad you’re back home with your family and everyone!

  2. hey allison, welcome back from japan – sounds great to celebrate it with a big BBQ with a german and japanese twist : ) love your photos from NE portland – especially the one of tiny jesus (hehe) and the drink hires advertisement.

    • Thanks Lea! The Jesus one is my favorite too.. I was pretty excited not only to stumble upon that but the great vehicles next to it.

  3. ahh lovely pictures again! im glad you are really keeping up with your blog! :)

    hey, so i gotta question for ya.. my external hard disk went bursurk and now i can’t access it (and all my photos from japan!!! :( ) …

    i’m really bad with technology and i never have any luck with it (my mac also crashed on me earlier this year and all my pre-photos of japan were gone too).

    so mon questionne est: where do you keep all your pictures files?!! and your backups?!!!

    • Oh no!! That happened to me when I came home for spring break so I went to a data recovery service.. which set me back around $200. I don’t know if I would do it again..

      Since I’m using film now I just ask for my pictures to be scanned onto a cd, rather than get prints. So all my photos are on cds, then when I put them on my computer I have them saved to my hard drive and my external hard drive. So they’re pretty safe now I guess. Its time consuming but it might be worth it to back up your photos onto cds now and then!

      I loved your recent photos, btw!!

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