The Pearl with Friend

I met up with my friend, Brittany, in the Pearl (the Pearl District of Portland) the other day. We just call each other “friend.”

R1- 4

So the story of Friend is, we knew of each other since elementary school and disliked each other. I particularly disliked her because she dissed on the length of my friend Shelley’s nails on the swings one day at recess in 6th grade (her’s were totally longer than Shelley’s right? Um no.). Anyway, our fates aligned in freshman year of high school when we both lived just outside of the border from the high school all our middle school friends would be going to and had to go to a different high school than anyone else. Sitting in the classroom and realizing we didn’t know anyone but each other, we reluctantly started talking and, shortly after realized we quite enjoyed each other’s company.

R1- 3

I quite like this quote from Alice in Wonderland. 不思議の国のアリス hahaha

R1- 6

The people who live here must be fun.

R1- 5

On the walls of Everyday Music. Is that Andy Warhol?

R1- 1

We wandered down to Backspace in Chinatown because Brittany’s Girl Talk poster is up! She’s interning at Willamette Week.

R1- 2

(trademark pose)

R1- 7

I could spend days in Cargo import shop.

R1- 9

Uh oh…

R1- 8


I’m in Vancouver BC right now and I love it. I need to figure out a way to move here. I’ve been zillions of times before, but this weekend my mom and I are here helping Yuko move into her new place  – she’ll be going to UBC! Lucky! Her neighborhood is so nice and laid back, and seeing a less touristy side of the city has been great. I seriously want to move here. Or at least make lots of weekend visits. I’ll probably be back later in the summer since school doesn’t start foreeeeeeever.

Oh and by the way. I’ve had a few questions about the book running out. Haha.. it definitely won’t run out.  When you order it from blurb they make it then, so no big hurry. Thanks amigos.


5 responses to “The Pearl with Friend

    • yeah.. I got a flier to see and apparently it was something related to a contractor hired by Whole Foods.. I’m not really sure what the deal was but they seemed happy to have their picture taken.

  1. here’s how you direct photography:
    walk walk walk. stop. point. “hold this” snap. walk walk walk.

    : )

    hope to see you again soon friend!

  2. haha that’s a funny story about ‘Friend.’ Looks like you two had a good time:0)

    There’s a little surprise for you over on my blog<333

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