Searching for A Better Cycle




After an unlucky experience on craigslist and visits to more than a few used bike shops I decided to buy a brand-spanking-new commuter bike. Not a road bike – even though I won’t be nearly as cool now as I would have been with those ultra skinny tires and horn shaped handle bars. Oh well, I really like mine and it satisfies that practical streak in me that pops up now and then – which is convenient since I’ll be living miiiiiles away from school now -_-

The guys at A Better Cycle and all the other shops I looked at were really nice and helpful though. You can tell they really care about getting more people out of cars and onto bikes, not just selling their stuff.

Anyway, I think its pretty…


I’m guessing it must be a Hawaiian brand, eh? Its named Kona and one of their bikes is actually called “Haole.” Haha, I should have gotten that one huh? : )

Rob, one of the awesome commenters below, just shared this article with me, and its exactly right. I feel like that writer just wrote down my bike hunting experience! Its pretty interesting – if you have an opinion on it I’d love to hear it.


ps – the surgery was a smashing success! thanks for keeping my grandpa in your thoughts. : )

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5 responses to “Searching for A Better Cycle

    • That article is so true! Its almost like he wrote my own experience! The guys at the shops were all helpful but man come on, $500 for a 15 year old bike that I’m probably going to have to take in more than once?! The other problem was just finding a bike my size. I’m not that small but finding a road bike that was an appropriate fit was impossible (outside of craigslist and new bikes) as far as I saw.

      I’m glad people are getting out of their cars and onto bikes but I think if they really want to change the transportation culture they ought to make biking less elitist and more accessible for people.

      Oh, and I just got fenders put on the other day : )

  1. yaaaaay new bikes and a healthy g-pa:0)

    and I second the mud guards…I can’t tell you how many pretty dresses I’ve splattered riding around the day after a storm!

  2. if you had gotten the “haole” one without knowledge of its meaning many lulz would have been shared…

    …but seeing as you clearly understand it you were right in not goin with it. what did it look like? was there a basket for carrying things like yoga mats or picnic baskets etc? anyways sweet bike =)

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