Hawthorne, NE Portland


Hawthorne Ave in NE Portland is one of my favorite streets to walk around. Its colorful and has something of a laid back, creative, and perhaps “hippy” vibe. The picture above is of one of the 5 or so Tibetan goods shops in the area that support the movement to free Tibet. Right next to it is a Global Exchange, on its other side is a vegetarian Thai restaurant (VegeThai – its unbelievably good), across the street are a recycled clothing store and a used instruments store, and down the block are Buffalo Exchange and Red Light Clothing Exchange, numerous little cafes and bars, and, well, you get the idea, right?


“We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde


Almost all of the telephone polls are 2 or 3 inches thick with posters and fliers like this.


Click images for full view!

I have all kinds of good stuff coming up on here. I still have to post all my photos from Vancouver BC and Seattle, and on top of that Paul and I are leaving in a couple of days for New York. We’ll be there for about a week and a half, just for fun. Please start giving me your recommendations now! Write them in the comments or email me if you’re too shy to comment : ) I’ve never been there so I want some good ideas.


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