Volunteer Park Conservatory

Kelsey and I walked to Capitol Hill last week via the longest route I can possibly imagine and that only Kelsey could come up with. Montlake vs. Eastlake? Come on, Eastlake makes much more sense. : ) I’m just teasing you Kels, it was fun. Since we had to go so far we made two stops – one at a small cafe on the way for some Berry Lemonade and one at the Volunteer Park Conservatory, which is right next to the Seattle Asian Art Museum and overlooks the city.



Kelsey and I first started hanging out in our sophomore year of high school  – we were talking one day with this other Kelsy, who is now living with us (!), about an interest in old movies and started having “old movie nights,” and tea parties, and Pride and Prejudice-a-thons, and baking adventures and you get the idea. We are pretty much on the same wavelength.



We particularly enjoyed the variety of carnivorous plants. Did you know that some types of carnivorous plants can consume and ENTIRE MOUSE? oh my..

Oh and this is some of our drinking water, Seattle (see how pretty it is? no need for bottled water, silly!), and a view of downtown. See the itsy bitsy little Space Needle back there?


*click images for full view


6 responses to “Volunteer Park Conservatory

  1. Still here, and delving in your lively catalog of days and places:)
    Never been to Seattle and I am enjoying visiting it on your blog!

  2. have you heard of the carnivorous plants that they just recently found off the mountains in a remote area in the Philippines that are HUGEEEEE?!!! Along with that they found blue mushrooms! alright ill stop.

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