Last Thursday, Capitol Hill

I like the walk from the U-District to Capitol Hill. It takes a while but walking is one of my faaaavorite things to do (funny as that sounds) simply because you see so much more than when you’re inside a [insert type of motorized transportation]. I particularly like Capitol Hill for two things: good coffee places and street art.


There’s Cafe Vita, Victrola, Bauhaus, Vivace, Stumptown… how do you ever decide? There were open seats outside in front of Vita so we went there. It was perfect for people watching and both deep and pithy conversation. : )



One of Karl’s recent installations is up across the street – Mr. Stemke!


I like this picture of Kelsey. Look at all those posters and fliers!

And the grand finale – I LOVE this (commissioned) art installation! Don’t you? Actually I love it so much I’ve used part of the image as my new banner (finally). What do you think?


*click images for full view


2 responses to “Last Thursday, Capitol Hill

  1. I can see that top part from my windows at school. Always wanted to see the rest. Thanks.

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