Last Friday, Capitol Hill

I met Kelsey and Yuko for lunch at Hillside Quickie – it was Yuko’s last day in Seattle… bummer.


My model friends, playing with an old telephone outside some shop on Broadway.


Hillside Quickie has the most delicious, gigantic sandwiches you can imagine. They’re 100% vegan but don’t let that deter you if you prefer the carnivorous lifestyle. These are seriously good.


When I was taking a picture of this alley a woman stopped and asked us if we were tourists (haha sorry guys, I guess that’s the trade off with this camera) and offered to suggest some other cool alley ways I might like to see. She got a little flustered and embarrassed when I told her we live there but I said I’d still take the recommendations. I don’t really see anything wrong with exploring your own city better.


We were walking back down towards Eastlake and I hear Kelsey exlaim this loud “AHH” behind me and turn around to find her collecting a bunch of pennies she had spotted on the ground. You ought to hear about this girls found penny collection – she must have enough accumulated luck to live forever or something.

And a couple of odd things spotted on the way home…


Definitely a first to see something like this..


And these extremely cut-off cut-offs were just hanging from a tree right next to the road. I bet those don’t leave a lot to the imagination when worn.

What do you think about the idea of being a tourist in your own city?

*click images for full view


9 responses to “Last Friday, Capitol Hill

  1. I wish people were that nice in San Francisco. People just stare at me, then the direction that my camera is pointed and then at me and walk away. And I then I hear laughter.

  2. Allison! I like the new blog banner :) I’m flying off to Seoul this Thursday! Waku Waku!

  3. I love the new banner and the way these pictures turned out. hehe, Kelsey’s so cute : )
    Let’s go to Hillside Quickie’s again when I come back!!

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