VANCOUVER: The Naam Restaurant


This is definitely one of the best restaurants I’ve been to.

The Naam is a very busy vegetarian full-service restaurant located in the heart of Vancouver’s Kitsilano district. It is the city’s oldest natural foods restaurant, with over 30 years of cooking tradition. The Naam is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We close only on Christmas day.

I think I could honestly say that every item on the menu sounded worth trying.


We oo’d and ahh’d at practically every plate the waiters carried out of the kitchen. The wait was pretty long because they are so busy, but when you finally do get your food it comes in these mammoth portions that make up for how long your stomach was growling. Case in point:


I got the Tempeh Reuben Platter and it was absolutely delicious. This mom and her little kid were at a table near by us and she recommended it to me since I was obviously distressed about what to order, haha.


Yuko and my mom waiting for our food. We also ordered a slice of carrot cake after our meal and it was Yuko’s first time eating that! The only carrot cake she had ever tried before was the RAW carrot cake at Chaco Canyon in Seattle – which is interesting and yummy in its own way, but definitely not a substitute for the real deal.


When you go to Vancouver definitely walk around the Kitsilano District (and eat at The Naam, obviously). I heard from several people when I was there that this is the area for yoga-loving, organic food eating types, which is great to me because there are more vegetarian places and such. Really though, I just liked the change of pace from the more touristy areas up there. I’ve been to Vancouver zillions of times (its only a couple hours north of Seattle), but always just to downtown and Granville Island. This area looks like a really nice place to live. I’m simultaneously very happy for Yuko and also extremely envious. I plan to visit often.

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3 responses to “VANCOUVER: The Naam Restaurant

  1. Come back soon! Yesterday I went to another neighbourhood that you’d probably like!! : )
    I hope you’re enjoying NY!

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