VANCOUVER: Hippie Fest in Kitsilano

After getting Yuko’s stuff moved (which, let me tell you, was no small feat) we happened upon some sort of Hippie Festival on 4th in Kitsilano. It was a pretty typical street fair type set-up but great for people watching.


I want to play with sidewalk chalk again!  A couple of years ago my friend Kelsey and I bought sidewalk chalk very late at night and walked around campus writing our favorite literary quotes like “You always look so cool” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


There are a couple things of note in this picture: 1) notice how many frozen yogurt cups that girl is carrying! 2) the man sitting on the bench was practically dripping in jewelry – I’m sure he had at least one ring on every finger and several bracelets on each wrist.



Of course there was also an old flower covered van with a bed inside because, you know, its a hippie fest. I guess for some reason I didn’t feel like taking a picture of it.


Oh, she knows alright.

*click images for full view

3 responses to “VANCOUVER: Hippie Fest in Kitsilano

  1. the first photo is fabulous! great shot! and yes i loved those sidewalk chalks were good fun!

  2. ha, i used to go to that magazine shop a lot. but i found that magazines in canada were too expensive.

  3. i love the picture of the girl! she’s so cute.. there’s smethin so naturalllee about this picture! look at that hair too huh!

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