Walking around Soho (NYC)

So I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll be posting photos of NYC for the next month, I’m taking so many pictures. And we still have almost a week here.



THERE IS A MUJI IN NYC. Its not quite the same as the Muji’s in Japan but man did that make me nostalgic. There’s also a giant Uniqlo and lots of Zara’s. I wish I had saved up more money for this trip.






Still taking recommendations if you have them!

*click images for full view


4 responses to “Walking around Soho (NYC)

  1. hi again allison! thank you very much for comming to my blog and leaving a comment.
    i’d like to go to new york one day, and your pictures of the city are gorgeous… and tempting!
    thanks for sharing your film pictures; i loved them when you were at japan, and i’m loving them now you are back to the states.
    have a great day! :D

  2. Oh, there is a Uniqlo store in NYC? I didn’t know that. I wish I had gone there when I visited NYC sometime ago…

    Nice pics as always :)

  3. ooo, the MUJI is bigger than I thought it would be! Glad to hear that you’re enjoying it over there. I’m excited for more photos! : )

  4. I was so happy when I saw a UNIQLO in NYC! I went back there three times in the same day! haha I loved NY and I hope to go back very soon :)))

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