8 responses to “Lower East Side (NYC)

  1. Those murals with the rainbow colored background are really amazing! Is that a Santa Claus sculpture?

    • Yeah it was a giant santa that looked like he probably lived in a department store in a former life. Now he lives on the street in front of antique store.

  2. Hello!

    Those murals were done by Os Gemeos. Os Gemeos are twins that do graffiti or murals. They are from Brasil. They make this awesome colorful and very imaginative murals. Very interesting. Love their work.

    More info on them http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Os_G%C3%AAmeos

    Haha I feel like a fan. btw I love your photos. :D

    • Reavel – thank you for the information on the mural! I wonder if I have ever seen their work on woostercollective.com. Definitely some of my favorite street art I’ve ever seen!

  3. im loving all your nyc pictures!!!! AHHHH i miss u..

    i saw you photo book! its FREAKIN AWESOME!!! =)

    my first pay check will go to it, i promise! =)

  4. I meant to comment on this as soon as you posted it, and tell you that I love all of these pictures…..
    Guess I’ll do it now!
    These posts are all so awesome!!

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