Wandering Manhattan (NYC)



I was trying to capture the steam rising from that grate but its not really visible here. I wonder what all those police barricades were being used for.


I stopped to take a picture of this truck and right as I did the driver came around and stared right into my camera. I thought he was going to tell me to stop but he told me the painting was done by a very famous Brazilian street artist. Can anyone recognize the style and tell me who the artist might be? I should have asked him the artist’s name but instead I was all awkward and just said “oh thanks” and walked away. -_-


I can’t even imagine the kind of money the people living along Park Avenue must have. Seems like a boring way to spend it if you ask me.


*click images for full view


7 responses to “Wandering Manhattan (NYC)

  1. The graffiti truck says VLOK, a crew from Brasil. Os Gemeos, Coyo, Finok…peace. I dig your photos.

  2. I saw that debt clock in a docu too! You guys are such nerds for going to see it.

  3. Your Bedford Street is really Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn. There is Bedford Street in Manhattan. A little correction.

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