Williamsburg Waterfront: FREE Concert (NYC)

This was hands down one of my favorite parts of the trip. Vega at 4pm, Beach House at 5pm, and Grizzly Bear at 6pm. We got there around 4 or so and there was a line outside of the lawn entrance that literally wound six blocks down the street. Since the line was moving a little bit, we walked alllllllll the way to the back and followed it for a while. At 5 we decided to just go sit outside the entrance and listen from there – which turned out to be a pretty good idea – they never let all the lined up people in anyway!


As you could probably guess, it was a terribly good day for people watching.





We found this ledge right near the entrance so we just soaked up the sun and the music and enjoyed the bread and cheese we brought that would have been taken from us by the security guards had we gotten in. *Paul took that^


More photos later!

*click images for full view


2 responses to “Williamsburg Waterfront: FREE Concert (NYC)

  1. were they there? we didn’t actually seee any of the performances, just listened… and the sound was not so good if the wind blew in the wrong direction. :P

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