Nighttiming (NYC)


Have you heard of Please Don’t Tell? I guess I wont give it away beyond this little hint (the picture!). Kyle took us and it was pretty good. The drinks were a little strong for me but the idea of the place is fun and it was cool to watch the bartenders.

R1- 7

Then The Rusty Knot, a tiki-themed “dive bar” with a pretty delicious signature drink.  And I don’t even like cocktails.

R1- 6

Obviously I did not take either of the above photos, credit goes to Kyle and Paul for that.

What was also cool there was the number of BYOB places. We bought a couple cheap bottles of red wine one night and brought it to an Italian restaurant and they corked and served it to us with our meal, no charge. Why don’t we have places like that in Seattle?! Or do we? Anyone know?


6 responses to “Nighttiming (NYC)

  1. I need to read this blog more often…If I would of known you were coming here I would of definitely given recommendations. But it seems like you had great tips and lots of fun. I also just missed you guys at the Grizzly Bear concert (we cut the line). Here’s a horrible set i took with a old himatic with the wrong film speed Anyway, i would say i hoped you enjoyed yourself here but it sounds like you did so I’m glad.

    You didn’t know Os Gemeos…that’s a fail…

    • ahhhhhh I loved it there. the concert was fun even from outside the gates but I bet you heard a lot more : P
      I like your photo set and I added you as a contact on flickr. thanks for checking out my site – I wish I had gotten your recs as well but maybe next time!

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