Meatpacking District (NYC)

R1- 3

R1- 2

Incredible giant portraits - I imagine it wasn't the original artist who added those mustaches.

R1- 1

This is not art, apparently.



Ha. Beautiful street art and.. I guess these ads are someone's idea of beauty too.

Ha. Beautiful street art, bricks, cobblestone and.. I guess these ads are someone's idea of beauty too.



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5 responses to “Meatpacking District (NYC)

  1. as i grew up in chelsea, i never referred to that area as the meat packing district and that’s when it was the meat packing district. i guess every area needs a name. 14 street was the dividing line between chelsea and the west village. part of disney-fying new york is giving areas names, dumbo, meatpacking, nolita, noho, curryhill, loisida all sound kind of dumb and hokey to me. dumbo is the only one i’ve excepted because that area never really had a name. oh well.

    • Oh I see what you mean. I guess my impulse to use the names I was told for areas comes from my time in Japan. I was really focused on documenting the different places in Tokyo I went and since every area of the city has unique attributes and styles, identifying them by their separate names made more sense than just saying, “oh, and in this part of Tokyo…”

      I apologize if I made the area you lived in sound lame, it wasn’t my intention. Some of the names seem kind of funny to me too, but, as an outsider, what else should I use? : P

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