Museum Hopping (NYC)

Are you sick of New York pictures yet? Don’t worry, I’m almost done posting them!


Paul took this one of me in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and that guy just walked right into the shot, completely oblivious. Hahaha.

R1-13 MAO! I’m not going to lie, it was pretty refreshing to get to the modern art section after being lost in ancient China, Renaissance Europe and all the WASP family portraits of the American Wing for for hours.



Just like home!


The inexplicable event of the day was that some old French man in the Egyptian section thought Paul was French. Tres interesting. I suppose he was hoping to share his observation that some styles just never seem to go out of fashion.


We people watched on the steps outside for a while because that seemed like the thing to do.


Unfortunately didn’t make it inside this one – but that’s ok because I’ve seen Night at the Museum, which is pretty much equal to going inside… right? (This is another time when that special sarcasm font would really come in handy).


These last three (including the one above) are a few from MOMA that I had forgotten to post.



Whew, that’s one of my longest posts in a while, hope you can handle it!

Which is better – posts with just a few pictures and minimal notes on my part? or lots of accompanying description for the photos?

*click images for full view

7 responses to “Museum Hopping (NYC)

  1. Hello. Loved all your NY photos. They were great. I’ve been trying to save to go Museum hopping on NY. I know none of my family will enjoy it like I will so I think that I’ll have to go alone. Anyways I am dying to go there now that I have a digital camera. Last time I went was with the other one old ones [haha] and i took only like 25 and I never ever knew if they even came out good I never developed the film… After so many years I don’t think they even work..

    anyways thanks again for the excellente tour on the city. NY Rules!!

  2. The first picture is hilarious. I kinda like the longer posts and descriptions better. It makes my visits here more of an event. Know what I mean?

    As for sarcasm font, maybe try typing in all caps. Because if they don’t get the sarcasm at least people will snicker at the thought of you yelling at them.

  3. Wow. You’ve really convinced me I need to go back to New York and see more stuff. Also, I saw Factory Girl and it kind of made me hate Warhol, too (on a personal-ish level). I haven’t done any research to see if he really was that monstrous…but man that movie was sad.

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