The High Line Park (NYC)

Yuko told me about this new High Line Park and requested that I go and take pictures so, for Yuko!:


The High Line was originally constructed in the 1930s for freight trains, but after being out of use for years (decades?) was recently converted into a public park. Its beautiful and relaxing and must have a pretty good team of landscape architects. I think its still a work in progress so it would be interesting to go back and see the whole thing when its done.


I heard that, since the park goes right next to this hotel, they’ve had a little trouble with exhibitionist hotel guests showing their goods off to park-goers. Unfortunately I was not so lucky as to witness any such things. Bummer!

R1- 9

I really love the idea of reclaiming unused city spaces for art or public enjoyment like this. Its all about the three R’s guys.

R1- 7

I’d say it was right about here that I walked past Peter Sarsgaard. As we made eye contact I could tell he had this nervous look like “Oh F I’ve been recognized,” ha!  All I could think about was how bizarre it must be to be a celebrity.

R1- 4

There’s also this little theater area with a view of the street – of course! 

R1- 8

And lastly:

R1- 6

*photo credit to Kyle!

Zoom in Yuko, darling, that sign’s for you! Miss you! Oh but don’t everyone let our sign distract you from the best part of this picture – may I please direct your attention to the sleeping beauty on the left?

: ) Oh and ps, I was happy to read all your comments on my last post – I promise to put more effort into this thing!

*click images for full view.

4 responses to “The High Line Park (NYC)

  1. awww, thanks! The last picture made me tear up a bit. You guys are awesome! and I really really miss you. When are you going to make it up here again?
    also, that “sleeping beauty” on the left is hilarious. :D I bet he had no idea he’d be in a picture viewed by all your many blog fans!

    • Hehe I know. I miss you too! Hopefully I can make it up early in the quarter. My bank account is empty! hahaha

  2. That park looks amazing. I too would freak too if I saw Anthony Bourdain. Did you see the latest episode where he goes with his wife to visit her home country Sardinia, and they bring along their daughter. So adorable!

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