Seattle Mariners

I went to a Seattle Mariners game for the first time with my friends last week. Yes, I’ve lived in the Pacific NW my whole life and yes I somehow managed to survive without seeing a game. What can I say, I’m just not a sports person – I guess my little brother inherited all of that gene. It was surprisingly fun though, we played the Yankees and won! どうもありがとうイチロ様。



I love Parisa’s expression in this picture. I’m sure it was prompted by Paul saying something completely absurd, as usual. That’s my brother Ben, in the background, holding his glove and clearly harboring a semi-delusional hope that a fly-ball will actually make it to our seats.



Paul took this


Amy has this great vintage Pen EF camera she had been using the whole weekend we were down in Portland but disaster struck. She bought new film at a camera shop while we were down there and the guy at the shop loaded it for her but did it backwards! This unfortunate picture shows her finding out. : ( I’d be crushed.


Nozomi, my friend in Japan, had asked me one time, “What is that long, red candy that Juno eats in the movie?” So I sent her some red licorice a while back and she thought it tasted like nail polish (or what she imagines nail polish would taste like) and couldn’t believe people actually eat it. Ha!


I don’t think I had eaten this in years and, yeah, its not that good.

ANYWAY, while I was getting distracted by every little thing, somehow in the last few minutes of the game Ichiro hit a two-run home run and Amy and Ben shot up from their seats along with the rest of the crowd and it was all very exciting. There was even a special “Ichiro” rap song playing overhead afterwords. He has his own song? you ask. Yes, he does. I looked it up and its by Seattle artist Xola Malik (and is unfortunately not linked on his site).

It was pretty fun and I think I’d go again. Don’t expect to see me at a football game anytime soon though. No thanks. : )

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12 responses to “Seattle Mariners

  1. Is this stadium looks beautiful Safeco Field in Seattle? I want to go there before Ichiro retires from playing some day… I am enthusiastic to see his awesome play, but have missed to see in MLB here in California so far.

  2. I never liked red licorice… I always thought it tasted weird… Did you guys eat garlic fries there?
    Yay, Ichiro! Yeah, I think baseball is so much better than football!! I went to a football game once, but didn’t enjoy it at all!

    • haha I know now that we should have tried the garlic fries because I’ve been asked that by like a zillion people. guess I’ll have to go again.

  3. must of been a good game with ichiro and matsui!

    although allison i know you didnt watch the game..

  4. Do you happen to know why Ichiro stays with the Mariners all the while they pretty much…eh, drip?

    Don’t let no one load your film for you!!! That shot is horrifying!

  5. Ouch about the film think – I would be heartbroken. Well, technically I was heart broken by my own stupidity. I had a Holga a while ago and I hearted it – I even modded it. Then I left it on the trunk of my car and backed over it.


  6. ha this looks like so much fun! what an attractive and energenic bunch you all are! Although I’m not into sports either, I’ve been to a Red Sox game before and it was actually pretty fun also; I think it’s just being there in the park with all these other hyper-excited people…it rubs off on you, no?

  7. Ha, my parents were at this game.
    And how on the face of the earth does an employee at a camera shop load film backwards? I have nothing else to say.

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