The Glimmering Pearl

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Here are a few more photos from Amy’s visit to Portland. We strolled around the Pearl District in the sunshine, we ate at the Whole Bowl truck, we took the streetcar to 23rd and back, we dipped our feet in the fountains, we took pictures in the Ace Hotel photo booth, you know, we soaked up the last of summer.

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notice her tattoo?

School has started again and I barely have any classes. I guess that’s the plus side to being a senior. I’m working as a barista and I get to people watch all the time and its great. Campus is lively and refreshing. My classes are interesting (History of American Consumption and Consumerism?!). My classes are in English! (Long parenthesized side-note: Living in Japan was fun and all but going to school there was… incredibly boring. The education styles are dramatically different and although my reference point is obviously the American system, I’m glad I get to take classes in which the teachers encourage discussion and individual thinking, not just fact memorization.)

Its also very very gray (gray or grey?) all of the time now (which you’ll see in ALL of my pictures from now on). Would you ever choose to live in a place that is gray 8 months (give or take) of the year?

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4 responses to “The Glimmering Pearl

  1. Such a cool class! Sounds chotto similar to one that I’m taking now, Rise of Capitalism. We read a whole book a week!


  2. no no no no no. i don’t know how you do it. 8 months of grey? then again i have read that some of the best places to live in america are the more northern grey areas.. is it grey or gray? i dont know either :( congrats on senior yr! I just finished…but not really bc now its grad school..blah. it. never. ends.

  3. grey kinda sounds intriguing!!! because i wouldn’t know how it feels to live in a place that’s grey for 8 months. (i actually like grey over gray. grey looks cooler, no?)

    and you’re a barista? how cool! Mmm.. free drinks.

    i miss your face allison, either post more of it or come to LA or Newport and visit me in person! (the latter preferred.)

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