The End of Summer

To commemorate the end of summer (and the start of fall! hooray!), I’m posting the last sunshine-filled photos you’ll probably be seeing from me in quite some time:

R1- 7

I made a sandwich and rode my bike to Gasworks Park to eat it. Have you seen my post about Gasworks Park? Its a pretty dreamy place to go for a picnic, even if you’re by yourself.

R1- 8

R1- 9

Those shoes, Toms, are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I don’t know whether that says more about the shoes or about my unhealthy tendency to buy flats with no support. In any case, I wish they had a rainproof version. Paul just put toe-clips on my bike, so bike-chain ankle cuts (like the one in the picture) are so two weeks ago.



Before going to the Mariner’s game we went at Uwajimaya, Seattle’s gigantic Japanese supermarket that’s right next to the stadium. Ben bought this Vietnamese tofu sandwich and was kind enough to let me have the first “bite.” This is him obviously regretting that decision. What can I say? The first bite was delicious and he wasn’t looking so I decided to just take another and then just one more to round it out. That’s what older sisters are for, right?


The dinosaurs look rather picturesque at sunset, don’t they?


The light was perfect and I couldn’t resist. I love this photo.


Oh! PS! I’m at over 100,000 views now (by several hundred!)! I know that for big time blogs that’s daily traffic but still, I’m quite excited. Thanks again and again for visiting and looking at my photos, it means a lot to me. : )

*click images for full view


6 responses to “The End of Summer

  1. FINALLY your summer ended! haha naw naw

    that photo in the car is SWEET!

    also i think paul looks good in those glasses! haha

    100,000 viewers! HOW EXCITING!!!!! its cuz your blog is awesome! =]

    miss ya

  2. the two pictures at dusk look AMAZING. i wonder how long it’ll take to get to 200,000. . .

  3. I love this post!
    So so so gorgeous.
    You make every place you blog about seem so gorgeous and dreamy,
    I really want to go everywhere!

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