Lake Washington

Some friends and I went canoeing on Lake Washington a little while before school started – I believe it was the first official day of fall, actually. If you were curious what I meant by gray the other day these pictures should give you a pretty good idea : P

R1- 2

R1- 4

I love doing this. You can rent the canoes at the Waterfront Activities Center for only a few dollars an hour per canoe and the Lake is beautiful. Kayaking is even better because then you can enter some of the areas that are off limits to canoes (like the Montlake cut – where all the boats and ships pass under the Montlake Bridge). You can rent Kayaks down by this incredibly delicious Mexican restaurant called Agua Verde (get the yam tacos) for around $15 an hour. I know, $15 an hour ?! Why do you think we went canoeing?


That’s my dear little brother, probably yelling at me in German even though I don’t have a clue what he’s saying – a problem that, although we all complain, he continues to be completely unaware of. I only know how to say some “bad” words. Muahaha.


Kelsy took this. It wasn’t cold that day but it sure looks like it, huh?

"I wish I had somebody to love.....poet under the bridge"

"I wish I had somebody to love.....poet under the bridge"

Its funny because the main area canoes get to go is this beautiful swampy part of the lake that’s right underneath the freeway – its a very strange juxtaposition of concrete and nature.


See what I mean?

R1- 1

R1- 3

Team Kelsy-Allison was pretty weak. Perhaps I should start lifting more than my camera.

My friends from my study abroad in Japan and I were talking on skype the other day and they said, “Allison! You actually do stuff! You’re so active!” Ha. I wish that was more true. Most of the recent photos I’ve put up were from before school started. Now my eyes are in books rather than behind my lens all the time..but I’m still taking pictures and exploring. Don’t give up on me! I might just start posting every other day now though, rather than EVERY day.

How are you all doing? Is fall starting well for you?

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6 responses to “Lake Washington

  1. I absolutely love the photo of you in the canoe!

    there is something so mischievious and true about your essense in it.


  2. it really is extremely inspiration that you do so much! and as always, your photos are gorgeous; I love how the photos toward the end almost look gray-scale, but for the punch of green veg or pink hoodie. really beautiful!

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