Powell’s at Midnight

As you may have noticed, I mentioned on my last post that I went home for the weekend. Well, on Saturday night my mom and I went out for dinner at this incredibly delicious (and friendly!) family-owned Lebanese restaurant on 10th and Morrison called Habibi. We tried some Lebanese red wine while we were there and then after leaving decided to have another glass at Clyde Common,



which happens to be about a block away from Powell’s books…


So to Powell’s we went.


We were looking at cookbooks and the title of the one above made me laugh so much I had to take a picture of it. Oh and the one to the right is the Babycakes bakery cookbook, which we ate at when we were in NYC! Mmmm.


Seriously, I took my eyes off of her for a minute, and next thing I knew she had FIVE books!

*Mom took this.

*Mom took this.

There must be studies that draw a connection between alcohol consumption and spending money at used book stores…  you know, something along those lines.


*click images for full view


5 responses to “Powell’s at Midnight

  1. hehe looks like you and your mum had fun at the bookstore. i’m sure there’s advice saying don’t mix alcohol and used book stores! it’s going to ruin you : ) i love going to used book stores and i dare not think about the quantities i would be buying if i was slightly tipsy.

    happy birthday to paul!

  2. Seriously, I took her to the library because its free. She still found 6 books in 15 minutes. Its great to see how much fun she has in book stores though!

  3. awww you and your mom are so cute! hehe, maybe Powell’s is open late so they can make money on those that that go in drunk?!


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