My dad and I went to a local camera shop while I was home to check out some lenses for my camera and get other a few other little things. The lenses were several hundred dollars out of my price range (which at this point in time is approximately $0), but we did pick up a few used filters. These are some pictures my dad took to demonstrate their effect:

Normal lens:


Lens with yellow filter:


Lens with blue filter:


What do you think? I’m amazed at how strong they are! For some reason I had expected only a slight difference. Since the used filters were only a few dollars each now I want to collect every variety I can! I need to try out my polarizing one soon too..

Ah this camera is such a fun toy.

*click images for full view


9 responses to “Filters

  1. You should try those filters with some black and white film. I recommend either Kodak Tri-X or Ilford Delta 400.

    • I’ve been thinking about getting some black and white film. The only problem is that there are now only two locations in all of Seattle that will develop black and white film – what a pain!

      • You could always develop your own B/W film much more cheaply. It’s really simple and the results are often better than the photo lab.

  2. you know what you could is get an ef to fd lens mount. then you’d be able to use the significantly cheaper and older canon lens’ on your camera. check ebay, i’m sure they’ll have both.

  3. Hello, I may be blog-stalking you, but just because I’m quite fond of your photographs. What camera are you using with those filters? Your Canon?

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