The U-District






I don’t know about where you are, readers, but its quite beautiful here with all the leaves turning colors. Come to think of it, where are you? What is like there?

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10 responses to “The U-District

  1. i love the changing leaves :) but it reminds me of your veryyyyyy beautiful pictures you took in japan of the leaves changing…the ones where the leaves are all over the ground. i loved those pictures.

  2. Hi Allison,

    It’s been awhile, but I am still reading your blog daily. As you know, I’m in L.A. and it’s still ridiculously warm….I wish the weather would change more drastically here. I went on the road with my husband for a few days- Boston/NY/Philly/Baltimore and it was so nice to see the leaves changing colors and to smell FALL in the air. We strolled through High Line in the Meat Packing district…definitely a favorite. Also hit St. Mark’s street which made me feel like I was back in Tokyo.

    Anyway, as always, your blog is awesome!

    • Thanks Anne!
      I’m glad you still read this! That makes my day : )
      I hope you get a little cold weather soon! Is it really warm all year there?! I can’t imagine

  3. I remember using pay phones all the time when I was in elementary and middle school. I’d go gallivanting and end up somewhere really far from my house. Far as in little kid far, meaning probably only a 5 minute drive. Anyways. I’d find the nearest pay phone and call my mom or dad and ask them to pick me up. I’d never have any money so it was always a collect call. It was usually at the end of the day when they’d be getting off of work (when they were the most fussy) so I’d expect to get yelled at but as long as I didn’t have to walk I didn’t care. Ha ha ha, good times.

  4. i wish our trees would change colors…. but the only trees i see right now are damn palm trees!!! the weather is too warm and i want WINTER!!!!! :) how are you?

  5. i don’t comment much even though i follow this blog daily but i thought i would comment for this post.
    i’m from minnesota and usually this time of year is beautiful with the cool air and red/orange leaves. but unfortunately this year has been kinda.. bland. we’ve had rain about 3 days out of the week and we’ve even had snow! its all melted now but we aren’t really getting a fall over here :(. it went from summer to winter it seems.

  6. that “mystery picture” is the golden cat on top of the fish tank. is that scary huge fish still there?

    i miss fall in seattle…

  7. I’ve been MIA for a while, but I’m going through and reading all of your posts. :)
    Autumn was gorgeous here(in WI)! The trees all turned wonderfully.

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