To the Arboretum with Lupe

Lupe and I went for a long walk through the arboretum a few days ago and brought my camera. We were hoping for some sun so that maybe we could get a few pictures with the sun setting, but it never came out.::shrug:: At least it didn’t rain.


After walking gingerly through the mud for a bit we found this (almost) hidden path out to a small dock.


That giant claw in the background is Husky Stadium.



Its always so disappointing when an image comes out blurry. Not to mention it means 60 cents down the drain!

Photo credit: Lupe

Photo credit: Lupe

Neither of us were particularly good at coming up with posing ideas. It would be fun to do some sort of photoshoot and direct my subjects around and all but I just feel silly doing that. I have been thinking I should play around with the idea of a photo story though. Do you have any ideas?


Photo credit: Lupe


Hundreds of birds took flight as we were walking by. It was stunning and looked a little ominous, as I think the photo shows.


This one is my favorite of the set.


“Is that a slug?! I’m getting out of here!”

I can’t really think of a better way to relieve stress than to go outside for a long walk. And boy do I have plenty of stress to relieve! I’m glad I’ve kept this up though (and glad you all are still reading!), getting my film back definitely adds some excitement to the week. Even blurry film : )

*click images for full view


4 responses to “To the Arboretum with Lupe

  1. The photo of the ominous bird cloud is really good. And I’m quite taken with the pictures Lupe took of you. Cuban Sandwiches photo story; pure gluttony at its finest. (Lupe Drives, we all eat, you take pictures of food happiness)

  2. i reallyl like the atmosphere and colors in these photos! the one of you sitting on the dock is such a great photo and also the one of all the birds in flight.

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