Some photos from last Friday and Saturday…


We got permission to dress up at work so of course we did. Ashley’s cat hat was especially great because from the back it looked like a crazy mullet.


Tracy’s original plan was to be a coffee filter but it impaired her mobility a lot so she went with an old cow costume. The coffee filter looked so much like a table though that she considered wearing it again on Halloween and making a “reserved” sign for it. Pretty clever huh? : )


Get it?!? I was a SMARTY PANTS! Unfortunately only about 30% of the people I saw got this costume. Everyone thought they were sweet tarts. Come on, sweet tart pants? That doesn’t make any sense!


Simone fixing Ross’ costume..


He’s a mad scientist! He answered the door to some trick-or-treaters and offered them the compost bowl instead of the candy bowl. The kids just stared dumbfounded and didn’t find it remotely funny. -_-

Did you guys dress up at all? As what?

*click images for full view


One response to “Halloweeeeeen

  1. That’s awesome you guys got trick-or-treaters!!!! Great costumes! Your’s is such a geat idea! Don’t worry, no one ever gets my costumes either:D

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