Saturday Morning




This is the EMP – the Experience Music Project. All these years and I still haven’t been. Nor have I been to the Pacific Science Center. That’s what happens when you charge ~$15 entrance fee! Supposedly from an aerial view it looks like a smashed guitar, but I can’t verify that.


I love this picture.




No one at the hair salon really recommended this place, but it sounded good to us so we went. I thought it was delicious. I ate half for lunch and half for dinner!

What are you in the U.S. doing with your day off today? I’m going to study hard (I swear!) and consume a lot of… you guessed it, coffee!

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10 responses to “Saturday Morning

  1. i also love the photo you love! the one of the plastic bottle lying in a puddle. beautiful reflections in the water. thanks for your comment earlier – fun to know that you have also played myst : )

  2. hey coincidentally with the holiday I started reading Meyer’s “the host”, is that supposed to be as bad/good in the guilty pleasures spectrum?

    btw fun to see in an earlier post that you’re also a fan of xkcd…in that vein have you ever looked at

    • I have and it is also hilarious!
      What is “the host” about? Uncle Brian, have you read the Twilight series???!

      • “the host” seems to be a sci-fi theme knockoff of Heinlein’s “The Puppet Masters”, in that thinking alien parasites embed themselves into human necks to take over humans. I’m not too far into it yet but so far Meyer’s twist seems to be to have powerful human memories and emotions (love or desire or surging sexuality, as in twilight) of one woman overwhelming one parasite’s thinking. A big plus is that the book is at least initially being told sympathetically from the perspective of the parasite. (Maybe in that sense it is part of a literary reworking or revisionist movement that would include Wicked?).

        Bonnie and I *have* recently read the twilight books through our local library (surprising how large the font was – but I swear Meyers uses sociobiologist thinking on character motivation & interactions and presenting what her core readers will like).

        I still haven’t signed up for facebook or farmville, although Bonnie is on fb and her niece is a big farmville devotee — so she’s shown me some of the many farmville updates that go out. Since your G’pa recently signed up for fb, maybe he’ll discover farmville sometime too?! As some other sci-fi/horror characters said…”Join us, Join us”!!

  3. so a couple of things, first about farmville: my uncle who is like 60 yrs old and ancient has recently stumbled upon that and its getting to the point where he starts seeing the sidewalk as plots of land to farm on that he notes for later and we are getting worried. Second: I just read about Caffe Vita in an article about the best places to get coffee in America. And surprise surprise most were in Seattle and oregon. I also read about “Stumptown” and “Zoka” u know either of those? And more importantly, can we go when I visit???

    • Ha! I know, I’ve heard, “you should join farmville, I need more neighbors” multiple times.

      About the coffee places: What was the article from? Stumptown is from Portland and its sooo good. We can get it from Ace Hotel and take pictures in the photobook they have when you come up. As for Zoka, I just went there yesterday! Remember the Zoka we went to in Akasaka, the day we went to Roppongi Hills? Its the same owner – they’re only located in Seattle and Toyko.

      I can’t wait to go when you visit! Hurry up and come up here already!!!!!!!!!!! I need someone to explore and walk for miles with!

  4. Hey! You probably don’t know who I am but I’m pretty sure we went to hs (mtview) together…
    I love your pictures, they’re just fantastic! Also, that church is a Russian Orthodox church in the morning, but at noon, each sunday, us Romanian Orthodox hold the service! It is indeed quite beautiful…and so random to see that bright blue tower right off the highway!
    Awesome that you would take a picture of “my” church! :)

    • Hey Irene,
      I looked at your site and I remember you! : ) Thanks for looking at this and commenting.
      I’m happy to finally know what kind of church that is – its so unique around here!

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