I want…

more free time!

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18 responses to “I want…

    • Wow!
      I just looked at your blog – your photography is just amazing!!!

  1. Uggggghhhh, tell me about it! I just want to play ukulele all day.

    You have THREE of Nozomi’s masterpieces?! Man, I want one. . .

  2. owh i have the same feeling, i also never have enough time to do fun stuff..
    hmm by the way i have a question for you, what do you study? i was just wondering, because i read your blog almost every day and i actually don’t know what you study..

    • I study history and education. Right now I’m taking Multicultural Education and History of American Consumerism. Is that what you would have expected? : ) Almost everyone I tell I study history responds with “…really?” hahaha.
      What about you?

      • Oh that’s great, and yes I’ve expected something like that :) because I have a friend who also likes to study abroad, she also has many multicultural friends and she studies almost the same! Hehe I’m studying pharmacy but it’s my first year, and it’s really difficult I hope that I will pass the exams..

  3. Oh man, me too. I haven’t really photographed at all since I got back from my vacation. It’s a bit depressing! Even more so, that I won’t have any free time probably until next year!

  4. I guess I would have expected you to study something more along the lines of art….what do you plan on doing with your degree?

    • I took an art class and a photography class in high school but that’s all. I would love to study art, but I’m also really passionate about education (despite the fact that it doesn’t really come up on this blog). I want to be a teacher. Of course I would also love to be a freelance photographer but seeing as I have to eat, maybe I’ll just keep it as a hobby. : )

      If the teaching thing doesn’t work out, I’ll be opening my own super-charming little cafe. I’ll keep you posted. ; p

  5. Yaaaaaaaa history majors! People say the same thing to me too when I tell them what I’m studying.

    • Isn’t it funny? I just read a book called “Teaching What Really Happened: How to Avoid the Tyranny of Textbooks and Get Students Excited About Doing History” and it was fantastic. I HIGHLY recommend it. I think people would value history a lot more if they were actually taught the truth and that its more than simply a string of memorize-able facts.

      I can lend it to you when I see you over Thanksgiving break if you want!

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