Last Year

I spent Thanksgiving gorging myself at this place in Tokyo:

I miss Ben and Amy and Momo and L. Ploy and everyone I spent Thanksgiving with last year (terribly!),

*L. Ploy took this last year

but I’m thankful to be home with my family this year too.

Even though I think the basis for most of our holidays here in the states is a more than a little sketchy (especially Thanksgiving), I’m thankful that I have a reason to be home today, enjoying my family’s company.  I’m thankful to be so fortunate to go to school and have wonderful friends and family. And lastly…

I’m thankful for the sweet potato pie (I stayed up until 3am making it last night!) waiting in the refrigerator to be devoured later!

What are you thankful for?

6 responses to “Last Year

  1. Thats RIGHT, thats what we did last year!

    I am thankful that i had a chance to spend one wonderful year with you guys in Japan and made a life-time good friends all over the world! =]
    (also my friends and family!)

    DUDE if i come visit can you PLEASE make me some of that pie!

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