Thanksgiving at Home

Unfortunately the lighting at my house makes for a lot of very orange pictures, but here they are anyway:

This is only part of the family!

My turkey-less plate. I know it looks terrifying in that orange-y hue, but it was just delicious! My dad is a pro in the kitchen. I haven’t eaten that much in ages. We had FOUR pies for dessert too.

My cousin Claire and aunt Lisa.

Jacob and his friends Kevin and Hank came over later for pie and we all took turns showing off our weird quirks. Por ejemplo:

Pretty gross huh?

Anyway it was a great day and really nice to be home. What was your thanksgiving like?

I’ve just developed two rolls of film so check back : )

*click images for full view



3 responses to “Thanksgiving at Home

  1. 4 PIES!?!? yummm…
    Can we have a baking fest when I see you over the break?
    I like the yellowness of the pictures. It really makes your house look nice and cozy : )

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