Old Wives’ Tale

I took this right around the corner from the restaurant we ate at on Burnside in SE Portland. I didn’t see a person here, just the dog.

^ This is the original attempt at the photo above. Jacob walked right in front of my camera!

That first image reminds me of all the ads I’ve been seeing for The Road, that new Viggo Mortensen movie. Has anyone seen it? Is it any good? I’m not terribly interested in it – went to see Coco Before Chanel instead.. Is there a more beautiful girl than Audrey Tautou?

I’m not so sure. If I could look like anyone I think it would be her. Anyway I liked this movie quite a bit.

I spent half the weekend galavanting around Portland with Jacob, Hank, and Kevin. It was great; we ate, we drank, we rode electric bikes! More on that later though. Here are some pictures from Friday morning at Old Wives’ Tale.

^Hank and Kevin

Old Wives’ Tale is a delicious, hippy-gluten intolerant-vegetarian-friendly, local paradise of a restaurant. It has one of the biggest, most diverse menus I’ve ever seen, which is sooort of a good thing. I’m not too big of a fan of restaurants with 5-page menus because, well, you know, more choice isn’t always a good thing. I do love this place though. If you ever go, I urge you to try the Huevos Rancheros.

Will anyone reciprocate Hank’s fist pound?

*click images for full view

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