The Men on Wheels

After breakfast at Old Wives’ Tale last Friday we ran around the Pearl for a while..

They were admiring a mustache (or something like that) in a photo in the Powell’s Gallery. The exhibit was called “When Country Was Country,” I think.

I took this in the purple (I think) room, my favorite. It has windows that look out on the street and its filled with photography, art, and culture books.

Above: Jacob, below: a picture he took of me

Side note: I think today is the last day I will be wearing skirts and tights for a while! It was 33 degrees this morning! Should we be expecting snow soon, I wonder?

On the street corner outside

Then………..we went to go try out some electric bikes!

Hank’s brother just started working for a new electric bike shop in the Pearl so we got to go ride them around the block. It was GREAT. Seriously! With an electric bike there would be no more awkward attempts to get your pedals to move again when the light at the intersection turns green. There would probably also be a lot fewer shapely bike riders… But I’ll be looking forward to the day when these get common (read: cheap) enough to buy.

Who rides a bike sitting up that straight?

Back-to-back reflection photos!

Further to the right was a sign that said "Pop-up Store," and in almost the same instant we wondered out loud what "pop-up store" could mean, we saw this sign.

Is it just me? Have you heard of this kind of store before?

Anyway, I leave you with this:

What do you think? Did he make it?

*click images for full view


9 responses to “The Men on Wheels

  1. looks like i’d be right at home in late 19th century, zipping around on one of those sensibly tall bicycles. and on the weekends, you’d find me in a cage on display at one of the world fairs.

    • I almost spit out my cereal when I read this comment! Its horrible but I laughed for like five minutes! Kristy’s…

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