The Answer?

my mom took this

Alright, you want to know the answer to the question at the end of my last post? YES, he made it! But barely!

Its getting soooo cold! I just want to lounge around with a nice cup of tea. I realized recently that my coffee consumption was absurd (I do work as a barista, after all), so I’ve started drinking more tea instead. The whole week I’ve only been having one cup of coffee in the morning, then lower caffeine teas for the rest of the day. I actually feel a lot better! My energy levels feel a lot more even (in other words, I haven’t been falling asleep in class).

These are from when I was home for Thanksgiving. The big news here in Seattle is that Amanda Knox was found guilty! Have you heard about the case? Its big here because she went to UW. I wonder if its actually true…


*click images for full view


4 responses to “The Answer?

  1. haha! you are so cute. your essay topic sounds fascinating–i would love to learn more about it! my most recent essay was on nuclear energy and the revitalization of it… meh

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