Mass Market

*Paul took this photo of me

I took these at Uwajimaya, a big Japanese supermarket in the International District.  I like the blue-green tint all the photos took on and it was fun to take pictures here because the place is a bit of a sensory overload. I think partially because so many of the products are unfamiliar, shopping here is always a little bewildering – not necessarily in a negative way though. I wonder if the pictures convey what I’m trying to say. What do you think?

*click images for full view


9 responses to “Mass Market

  1. I love the pictures you take but I also always love the pictures other people take with your camera!
    p.s. That’s an awesome ginormous scarf you’re wearing!

  2. international district? is this where there are $5 food vendors outside? :O*********

    love your photos like always!


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