Grain is good?

The first photo is from the outside entrance to Uwajimaya, the second is from inside, and the third is on a street alley somewhere in Capitol Hill.

I joined a group on flickr called Grain is Good, but I’m not so sure I agree. What do you think? Do you like grainy photos?


*click images for full view


13 responses to “Grain is good?

  1. I’m starting to like grainy photos more and more. I used to only like really sharp and crisp and clear photos, but I’m learning to get down with the blur and the grain!
    Also, congratulations on finals – I think you should do a guest post on my blog!

  2. hi allison! first of all, many thanks for your comment, and answering your question, yes, i have a flickr account (
    about your post, i think both clear and grainy pictures have their own appeal. it maybe depends on the mood you’re trying to capture. the fact is i really like the shots you’ve posted here; the colors in the second and third one are stunning ^^

  3. i think grain looks good with b&w as it adds a lot to the old timeyness. but with color, i think it depends on the picture, like ^paula^ said. though, i don’t think i’ve ever not liked a picture that you’ve posted here.

    off topic, but i came across this today. (OoO)

    • oh man… I wonder if I can feel any better about dropping my coffee habit for tea.

      seriously though, after working in a busy coffee place for so long I’m really losing my taste for the drink. the other day we went through SEVENTEEN cases of milk (6 half gallons a case) in a day. is it just me or is that a little disgusting?

  4. reading your comment again made me catch that you said that there are 3 gallons in a case. meaning you went through 17 x 3 gallons of milk in one day?! that’s like more milk than they carry in grocery stores at one time. do you guys have unlimited refills on glasses of milk or something? are you required to wash your hands in milk after using the bathroom? k. i’ll stop now. but that really is a lot of milk.

  5. Grain is neither good nor bad. Sometimes it adds a character to pictures, a certain extra bit of interest that I like. And on those lines- I really like the 2nd image here. Those colors are great too!

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