Five Crimes

I like the small collection going on it this car

Boniato (yam) tacos at Agua Verde, Seattle (these are amazing, I get them every time)

Sometimes I wish we had a sign like this at the cafe I work at, that had directions like: "drip coffee is self serve," and "we have FOUR cup sizes, so 'I'll have a medium latte' is not an appropriate order"

Sometimes I wish we had signs like this at the place I work too, like "We have FOUR sizes, so please don't order your latte in small, medium, or large."

These pictures are from one of those days a couple weeks ago when we had SUN (!). We’re back to rain, but at least its not 28 degrees anymore.

I’m back at my parents’ house and it feels wonderful. I plan to do a lot of cooking, knitting, and photo-adventuring. If you have suggestions for cool things to check out around portland please do let me know!

Also: look at this article Jacob linked in the comment section of my last post: Five eco-crimes we commit everyday. I’m trying to live more sustainably but its not easy, especially when, as the author says, a lot of these things feel non-negotiable. How am I supposed to hang dry my clothes when its raining every day? What are some of the habits you’ve been trying to change lately?

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8 responses to “Five Crimes

  1. That list… wow. Talk about making you feel bad for being alive!

    I’ll cycle to work, use fluorescent bulbs and reduce my meat consumption, but I won’t give up coffee or clean clothes.

  2. I could eat nachos till death without problems haha.
    I’m at home in the south of spain, and it used to be hot and good weather, now we’re having rainy and cloudy days all week.

  3. Probably the most non-negotiable thing on that list is the toilet paper. I really see no other option but using the softest, most cushioning paper available. But I make up for it by using as little water possible. I hate wasting water. Plus, I don’t drink coffee so =P.

    Here’s another article that I thought you’d might like. It’s about etsy.

    • I can’t believe she makes that much per year! I bought one of her chain scarves for my friend Amy once and she was really nice. Its cool that she got to quit her day job but … 14 hour days? I could never knit that long. I get tired of it after a couple hours.

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