Trust Me On This One


Is one of the best sandwiches you’ll find in Seattle: the French Dip at Cafe Flora. I know you’re gonna find it hard to believe (“I mean come on,” you might be thinking,”a roast-beef-less french dip?”) but this portobello mushroom french dip is really quite perfect. And if you don’t trust vegetarians then I just plain DARE you to dry it.


7 responses to “Trust Me On This One

  1. woah. it almost sounded as if you were going to curse for the first time evar.

  2. oh, i certainly believe you. for one thing, i’m a huge fan of portobello mushrooms, so i know i’ll love that roast-beef-less french dip, simply by default. and, this photo is amazing; it sells the sandwich. if i were in seattle, i’d try this no doubt!

  3. that looks mouth-watering good! :O
    in addition to your vegetarian comments, i think it’s also unfair because many people think that the vegetarians are the ‘snobby’, more ‘stuck-up’ people that label themselves. i think the non-vegetarians are actually more critical than the vegetarians themselves.


  4. Good on you if you can stand up to all the ‘socially awkward’ moments when you ask for a non-meat option. It’s almost the same here if I decide I am not drinking alcohol when I go out.. People are like “what is the point in coming out?” – as if I need alcohol to have a good time.

    Keep doing what makes you happy rather than pleasing everyone else!

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