Santa Con

I was meeting my friend downtown the other day and stumbled into what I think may have been Portland’s Santa Con ’09. Santas from all different stripes (slutty, tattoed, hippy, etc.) were spray painting “HO HO HO” all over buildings and chanting “HO HO HO” in unison as they marched around the pearl district. Occasionally one would yell out “santa wants beer!” and they would all cheer.

I was literally surrounded by them while trying to cross the street and four or five people came up and gave me hugs and said Merry Christmas.. and one even gave me a present! It was a tiny little package and I was pretty nervous to open it… I assumed it was drugs or something but….

It was a lump of coal!! : P

Happy Holidays everyone, hope its wonderful.

(Ridiculous family portrait, 2009)

*click images for full view


7 responses to “Santa Con

  1. wonderful portrait.
    Mine would be worse, with red wine around and my fat cat in the middle, ho ho ho.

    (and yeah, im vegetarian since i was 19)

  2. Happy holidays.

    Your cat is adorable!

    I always get the impression that those Santa costumes are so dirty from having never ever been washed, ever… I think I get that from seeing pizza delivery guys and Colonel Sanders statues in Santa suits!?

  3. ahhh, I love your family portrait!!!

    I saw a whole bunch of Santas in Seattle last year, and Shibuya the year before!! :D They must do it all over the world!

    Merry (belated) Christmas!!!

    <3 you!

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