Well, I finally saw the new Twilight movie, New Moon, and I have to say…

Doesn’t Edward Cullen kind of resemble a Persian cat?

Here are the links to some really funny Twilight spoofs, if you haven’t seen them: SNL’s Firelight, Twilight with Cheeseburgers, and The Twilight Before Christmas.

Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I took the photos above at my uncle’s apartment in downtown Portland – its been very foggy here lately…(thus the Twilight post)… but still no snow!

*click images for full view


8 responses to “Twilight

  1. though i haven’t seen twilight, i have to admit that i’m intrigued and definitely intend to see it once it’s released on dvd. robert pattinson is cutie.

  2. You’re hooked! You can’t help it though, you’re female. lol =p But seriously, the soundtrack is really good. I read a Grizzly Bear interview and when asked why they decided to contribute they basically replied, “Because Thom Yorke is.”

    The videos were fuuuunnnny! I like this post.

    • ha! i resent “you can’t help it though, you’re female” !
      that’s funny about Grizzly Bear, i was pretty surprised at who was on the soundtrack… I guess they’re expanding their audience : P

      • Yeah, that was surprisingly sexist of me. I ‘kept it real’ too hard. Apologies.

        I never noticed this little plug for your book down here. I should’ve asked to see it when I saw you!

      • Oh yeah its new! I just figured out how to put that in the side bar (pats back). You can see it in spring when you guys come visit. Or you can BUY one…haha. You’re in it you know!

  3. I actually liked the first movie way better than the second. New Moon was too much “word for word” from the book, not a director’s interpretation of the literature. I hope Eclipse will be much better!

  4. I realize I am so late to the Twilight party, but I recently became obsessed! I find the books much better than the movies — although I do love the movies, as embarrassing as that may be. It’s just really hard to take the Cullens seriously with all that clown make-up.

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