Kenny & Zuke’s (Portland, OR)

The menu in this picture (modeled by my lovely friend Brittany) should pretty much describe Kenny & Zuke’s Delicatessen to you:

Located next to the Ace Hotel on Stark Street, Kenny & Zuke’s is a very good place to go if you’re craving a good sandwich, fries, and a soda.

They have a zillion varieties of independent sodas, and we both requested ginger ale. The waiter, who is currently studying photography and took a moment to play with my camera, told us he’d bring his favorites. Mine was spicy, hers was sweet. We happily shared.

We also shared the egg-salad sandwich and fries. This is definitely a carnivore’s paradise, and according to the reviews the reuben sandwich is so good you’ll want to name your firstborn after it. We were quite pleased with the egg-salad though, messy as it was. The fries were perfect. I can’t say my stomach felt too good after eating them, but I walked it off : P

Definitely give this place a try.

*Brittany took this photo

*Brittany took this photo. (Do you like my most recent knit creation?)

Anyway, I’d like more restaurant recommendations for the Portland area, if you have them! (Pretty please?)

*click images for full view


8 responses to “Kenny & Zuke’s (Portland, OR)

  1. wow, this place looks fantastic. it’s too bad your tummy didn’t take to the fries very well, though. :)

    yes, i like your most recent knit creation. no — that’s really an understatement. truth is, I LOVE IT and i can’t stop looking at it.

    • Oh thank you! My aunt used to have a yarn shop and her basement is still full of yarn so I got my pick and I’ve been knitting up a storm all break.

    • Oh yeah, Bundaberg is from your side of the globe right? That’s unfortunate that you don’t have ginger ale in Denmark, my friend (pictured above) is about to go on exchange there!

  2. Hi Allison!

    Happy holidays.

    Juan and I talk about moving to Portland all the time and your posts make me want to do so even more!

    I’m not sure if this place has too many veggie-friendly items, but biscuits are technically veggie (unless made w lard of course) and this place seems to make incredible biscuits. You’d probably have to walk all day if you ate one of these, but it’s nice to indulge every once in awhile! If you go, please tell me how it is:


    • You know my dad and I tried to go here once but the line was down the block! He’s a big fan of that food network show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and I guess it had been on there. The show must have made it even more popular though because I think it would have been hours before we got in!

      You guys should move – but beware of the weather! : )

  3. As for other restaurants:
    Navarre – fantastic food and they have very good cake to boot.
    Bunk – for sandwiches
    Gilt Club – for a slightly nicer fare
    Clyde Common – just down the block from Kenny and Zuke’s, very good stuff.
    HA & VL – for soup (it’s out on 82nd, though).
    Biwa or Tanuki – for awesome japanese food.

    Well, that covers a range of my favorites. If you need more suggestions just let me know.

    • wow these are awesome thank you! I’m back up in Seattle but next time I go down to Portland I’ll definitely try these. I’ve been to Clyde Common several times but just for drinks – I’ll have to try the food sometime. Got any recs for Seattle, perchance?

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