Light Leak!


There is not actually anything wrong with my camera (whew!), these light-splashed photos are just the result of my stupidity. My batteries died and for some reason I opened the camera door! What was I thinking? Good thing Brittany was there to say “Oh no friend!” so I could realize what I had done and close it quickly. Man, sometimes I even surprise myself. I’m glad it only affected a few photos, but I have to say I think these look kind of cool. Don’t you?

Well, at the camera shop I shelled out $9 for a roll of 36 exposure 35mm film the other day. I told the guy I wanted to try something different and he said this type of Fuji film makes your photos extra colorful. I’m trying my best to fill up the roll quickly so I can see how they turn out. Can anyone else recommend some good 35mm varieties?

Anyway I’ll leave you with this song by Asobi Seksu (that means “play sex” in Japanese btw) that I love:


22 responses to “Light Leak!

  1. That song is very Beach House.
    And may I say, light leaks are always good as yours are.

  2. those light leaks are so holgarific.

    i’m always down for new music — thanks for sharing Asobi Seksu. sounds dreamy.

  3. The light leaks made the first photo so much cooler! Accidental light leaks are fun, most of the time it’s worked out for the better for me. Anyway, Kodak Ektachrome 64 and Kodak Portra are two of my favourite films. I’m excited to see your Fuji roll!

  4. I didn’t know you could still develop after opening the camera door! That means I wasted a roll, I opened the door, then threw out the whole film because I thought the whole thing got ruined!

    • oh no! well I think it depends on the camera, with mine, opening the door only affects the photos around the exposed film. I think with other cameras it could ruin the whole roll though…

      • Allison – Thank you so much for letting me know that you can’t comment on my blog. You can now comment!

  5. The photographs turned out to be stunners especially that top one. Looking forward to seeing the results of that $9 roll of film!

  6. The first image does it for me:)
    I am playing with Redscale film right now and then moving on to my roll of Kodak Ektachrome slide next…you should definitely try those out. Mm and the goodness of cross-processing!

      • I would suggest online just for the ease.
        I currently buy at the Lomography online store. Ebay would have good deals, and I plan to buy there next.

  7. 9 bucks for a roll is a lot. I just spent that much on 3 rolls of Fuji Natura 1600 and was fuming because it seemed like such a rip-off even for something special like that.

    I generally like Ferrania’s Solaris film, but everything depends on what your subjects are and what lighting condition you are shooting under, doesn’t it. I am quite interested in exploring with Fuji Superia Premium 400, this fairly new film that you can get at Seven-Eleven (here in Japan anyway).

    What do you normally use anyway?

    • I usually just use Kodak 400 ultramax. Occasionally I get 200 but not very often. I remember it being practically impossible to find Kodak film in Japan!

  8. Hey!

    Loved your pics…. so which camera do u use? I wish I could use film too! I left using mine 3 years ago… but amazing stuff! Even the ones “painted” by light – when you were “thinking” something! ;-)

      • Oh! I am not that big a photographer! :-) Just do it as a hobby! Btw, are you on facebook? I could add you up there!

  9. Hey!

    Loved your pics…. so which camera do u use? I wish I could use film too! I left using mine 3 years ago… but amazing stuff! Even the ones “painted” by light – when you were “thinking” something! ;-)


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