Strange creatures

This is the mascot for a hardware store on Burnside. On the street level there are several columns with hippos in Grecian garb painted on them.

Found these on a wall of the Doug Fir Lounge/ Jupiter Hotel. Brittany and I went to the Doug Fir for my cousin Peter's birthday thing on Christmas and it was a pretty cool place. We are definitely wallflower types but it was fun to sip cocktails and make up stories about the people there. It was also hilarious to try getting rid of the sleazy 30 old men that kept trying to chat.

This guy was one of the staff who had just gotten off. He was having a drink before leaving and overheard our attempts to get rid of this awkward guy from Virginia and started cracking up. He told us about how the crowd at the place was originally mostly young 20 something hipsters but that it had been getting older and older. I guess the average patron is 30s-50s age now.

This is Brittany (from another day - at Bagdad Pub on Hawthorne), ever so discreet.

That’s all I’ve got as far as stories go for today.

*click images for full view

3 responses to “Strange creatures

  1. love the hippo photo and i can imagine the other hippos in their grecian garb! the second photo is pretty intriguing.

    it sounds like the 20 year olds grew older and are now in their 30’s… perhaps their customer base is pretty steady and even loyal? :) in any case, the 30-50 age bracket sounds like a dot com group.

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